Bogense Elite Männer

2019 Cyclo-Cross World Championships, Bogense Denmark

Men Elite

By John de Jong for


After 3 years in a row a victory for Wout van Aert, there was some pressure on the shoulders of Mathieu van der Poel. In the begin of the race, the Dutch team was very powerful and WvA didn’t get a chance to make a gap. When Mathieu attacks for the first time, Lars hold his legs to give him some seconds ahead. However, Wout came back and the Dutch supporters get a déjà vu with last years. But the second attack of Mathieu, after a small fault made by Wout on the steep side, was the golden attack. He gets 5 seconds, and could expand his advantage round by round. The last few hundred meters to the finish line we saw a very emotional Mathieu, a lot of pressure fall’s from his shoulders with this victory.



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